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6 Powerful Use Cases of Be.Live for Corporate Live Streaming


In the digital era, live streaming has become an indispensable tool for businesses to engage with their audience, build brand awareness, and increase customer loyalty. However, many corporate users need help creating professional-quality live streams that captivate and resonate with their viewers. Be.Live is a cutting-edge software product designed to address these challenges and provide a seamless live-streaming experience for corporate users. In this article, we will explore the various problems that Be.Live solves and delves into its features, detailing how each user type can effectively leverage the tool to enhance their live streaming capabilities.


Corporate live streaming often needs more professional production value and interactive features, hindering audience engagement and brand impact.


Be.Live offers a user-friendly platform with advanced production features and interactive elements to elevate the quality of live streams and enhance viewer engagement.

Marketing and Sales Professionals:

Product Launches: 

Corporate users can leverage Be.Live to conduct captivating product launches that leave a lasting impression on their target audience. With features such as overlays, lower thirds, and screen sharing, they can showcase their products effectively, provide in-depth demonstrations, and answer viewer questions in real time.


Be.Live empowers marketing and sales professionals to host engaging webinars that generate leads, nurture prospects, and drive conversions. The tool’s interactive chat feature enables participants to ask questions, offer feedback, and engage in discussions, fostering a sense of community and active involvement.

Virtual Events: 

Be.Live enables businesses to organize virtual events that emulate the experience of physical conferences or trade shows. Corporate users can create branded event spaces, conduct panel discussions, and invite guest speakers to share their expertise. The tool’s integration with popular social media platforms allows for broader reach and increased attendance.

Human Resources and Internal Communications:

Town Hall Meetings: 

Be.Live facilitates seamless town hall meetings, enabling HR professionals and executives to address their entire workforce simultaneously. Through live video streaming, organizations can enhance transparency, communicate key messages, and encourage employee engagement by allowing real-time interaction and feedback.

Training Sessions: 

With Be.Live HR departments can deliver dynamic and interactive training sessions to remote employees. The screen-sharing functionality enables trainers to demonstrate software usage or presentation slides. At the same time, the chat feature allows participants to ask questions and clarify doubts, resulting in a more effective learning experience.

Employee Onboarding: 

Corporate users can streamline onboarding by conducting live sessions with new hires. Be.Live enables HR teams to introduce company culture, provide an overview of policies and procedures, and assign mentors to guide newcomers. The tool’s live chat feature allows instant feedback and clarifications, fostering a sense of belonging.

Content Creators and Influencers:

Live Interviews:

Be.Live empowers content creators and influencers to conduct live interviews with industry experts, celebrities, or thought leaders. The platform’s split-screen feature ensures seamless interaction between the host and the guest, while viewers can engage through comments and questions, enhancing the interview experience.

Q&A Sessions: 

Content creators can leverage Be.Live’s interactive chat and audience participation features to host engaging Q&A sessions. By soliciting questions from their viewers and responding in real-time, they can establish deeper connections, strengthen their online presence, and increase viewer loyalty.

Live Podcasts: 

Be.Live offers content creators a professional platform to live stream their podcasts, enabling them to engage with their audience in real time. With the tool’s branding options and overlays, podcasters can maintain their visual identity, while the chat feature allows listeners to provide feedback and participate actively in the conversation.

Customer Support and Relationship Management:

Live Demonstrations: 

Be.Live facilitates real-time product demonstrations to assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions. Customer support representatives can utilize the tool’s screen-sharing capabilities to guide customers through the features and benefits of a product, addressing their queries and concerns instantly. The interactive chat feature enables customers to ask questions and seek clarification, leading to a more personalized and practical support experience.

Troubleshooting Assistance: 

Be.Customer support teams can leverage live to provide live troubleshooting assistance. Support representatives can enhance customer satisfaction and reduce resolution time by visually diagnosing and addressing technical issues in real-time. The ability to share screens and interact with customers through the chat feature facilitates a comprehensive and collaborative support process.

Customer Feedback Sessions: 

Companies can use Be.Live to conduct live feedback sessions with their customers, allowing them to share their opinions, suggestions, and concerns directly with the brand. This interactive approach strengthens customer relationships, demonstrates attentiveness to their needs, and fosters a sense of loyalty and trust.

Public Relations and Media Relations:

Press Conferences: 

Be.Live offers a reliable platform for organizations to host virtual press conferences. The tool’s interactive chat feature facilitates Q&A sessions, ensuring media personnel can ask questions and gather real-time information. Corporate users can live stream announcements, updates, or product launches, allowing journalists and media representatives to participate remotely.

Media Interviews: 

Public relations professionals can utilize Be.Live to arrange and conduct media interviews with journalists or influencers. The tool’s split-screen functionality enables seamless interaction between the host and the interviewee, while the live chat feature allows viewers to engage and participate in the conversation.

Crisis Management: 

In times of crisis or reputation management, Be.Live can be valuable for corporate users to address their stakeholders effectively. Companies can live stream press briefings, updates, or apologies, providing transparency and maintaining narrative control. The interactive chat feature enables immediate feedback and helps address concerns promptly.


Be.Live solves the problem of creating professional-quality live streams while enhancing viewer engagement for corporate users. Through its advanced production features, interactive chat functionality, and seamless integration with social media platforms, Be.Live empowers marketing and sales professionals, HR and internal communications teams, content creators and influencers, customer support, relationship management staff, and public relations and media relations experts to leverage live streaming effectively.

Benefits of Be.Live:

Enhanced viewer engagement: 

Be.Live’s interactive features foster real-time interaction, resulting in a more engaging and personalized experience for viewers.

Professional-quality production: 

The platform offers advanced production features like overlays, lower thirds, and screen sharing, enabling users to create high-quality live streams.

Broadened reach: 

Integration with popular social media platforms allows users to reach a wider audience and maximize the impact of their live streams.

Real-time interaction: 

The chat feature facilitates instant feedback, questions, and discussions, enhancing communication and fostering community.

Time and cost efficiency: 

Be.Live streamlines the live streaming process, eliminating the need for complex setups and expensive equipment.

Brand consistency: 

The tool’s branding options and overlays ensure a consistent visual identity throughout the live stream, reinforcing brand recognition and recall.

In conclusion, Be.Live revolutionizes live streaming for corporate users by addressing their challenges and providing a user-friendly platform with advanced features. Whether it’s product launches, webinars, training sessions, live interviews, customer support, or public relations events, Be.Live empowers businesses to create engaging, professional-quality live streams that captivate their audience, enhance viewer interaction, and drive business success.

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